With Plant Medicines

For Medicine Women, Healers, Leaders, Way-showers & Creative Channels

Why we need your medicine now more than ever

There’s an evolution of consciousness underway. And it's re-weaving reality.

Many can feel it and are tapped in.

The call to return to Earth-based connection & sustainable practices is growing louder. We are being called to use our voices for global movements for social justice & peace. We are feeling an increasing hunger for authenticity & deeper connection in the times of rising AI.

The growing interest in psychedelics and plant medicines signals a collective yearning for something new - offering us a door to realms of new possibilities for how to live our lives, individually and collectively.

And you may be asking yourself, “Where does my life fit in all this?”

You are here at this time, carrying unique medicine, to be lived out into this world and woven into the fabric of the new Earth.

Uncovering what your medicine is, and learning how to channel it, is an art.

A masterpiece that only you can create.


🌀 Want to step into the next initiation of your calling as a healer, a way-shower, a medicine woman, a leader and a creative channel.

🌀Have been walking the plant medicine path (or are called to learn from the plants) and want to go deeper to open portals to your innermost wisdom.

🌀 Feel & know deep in your bones that you have a unique role in this modern world that you’d like to refine & gain deeper clarity on what it is, and how to bring it more fully into the world.


🌀 Bridging Worlds: The transformative power of serving as an intermediary, connecting the realms of human, plant & Earth, and spirit worlds.

🌀 Secrets of Mastery: What it takes to master and channel your unique medicine and what is behind harnessing and directing your inherent gifts to shape the world around you.

🌀 Wisdom of the Earth: Learn how the ancient wisdom of earth-based, shamanic, animistic approaches can activate & amplify your medicine.

🌀 Honoring Plants as Teachers: How working with the profound teachings of the plants and journeying in plant spirit medicine opens portals to take you into deeper levels of healing, self-mastery, and timeless wisdom teachings.

🌀 Cultivating Your Sacred Space: How to align with your deepest wisdom and guidance through creating your sacred sanctuary that safely holds the frequency of your heart & soul.

🌀 The Role of the Unseen: How to cultivate the skills to sense & interact with unseen realm of energy & consciousness that shape our existence and perceptions.

🌀 Energetic Blueprint: Practices to clear your energy field so that your creative, healing energy flows easefully.

In this class, will guide you through a meditation to connect with your unique medicine and share practical techniques to help you align your spiritual channel here and now!

I’ll also be sharing about the upcoming group mentorship, WOMEN OF THE EARTH, that begins March 20!

Women of the Earth - Plants, Consciousness & Energy Medicine

6-month group mentorship for medicine women, healers, leaders & way-showers committed to remembering the ways of the Earth and of the plants.

In this mentorship, you will dive into exploring:

🌀 The Nature of Consciousness
🌀 Energetic Anatomy & Healing
Plant Medicines as Teachers

All to learn how to bridge the worlds as you channel your medicine.

Gathering together as a group of women amplifies the power of the collective, creates a potent space for transformation, and empowers you to embody your deepest gifts.

**If you can’t make it live to this class, there will be a recording available.**

I look forward to this exploration of living your medicine with you!

With love,



Jaime is a Plant Medicine Guide, Intuitive and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Jaime has been a student of Amazonian plant medicines for nearly 15 years, including more than 3 years living in the Peruvian Amazon. Jaime bridges ancient ways of communicating with the Earth & Spirit into our modern lives. She teaches clients the skills to connect with the Earth & Spirit, activate their own empowered healership and develop an awareness and their own navigation system that bridges altered states, plants & everyday life. Her purpose is connecting us to the wisdom of the Earth so we become her devoted students & guardians. She offers private mentorship, healing, group work, and Master Plant Dietas in Peru. Learn more here:


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