Embodying Ceremonies, Dietas and Micro-dosing in Everyday Life

HOW DO YOU BRING THE profound healing and wisdom from plant medicines back into everyday life?

You may have welcomed plant medicines into your life for their incredible magic - to heal old wounds & traumas, to access expanded states of consciousness, or to have a direct experience of spiritual awakening.

But you can find yourself back in your normal life, feeling far away from the world that the plants opened up for you.

"Everyone wants to do ayahuasca, but nobody wants to do the dishes." (Yes, this is a meme floating around out there!)

Coming back to “reality”, going to work, doing the laundry and dealing with challenging relationships, are NOT what you think about when you sign up for plant medicine.

So how do you harness the magic of plant medicines, so that you are creating a life that is meaningful and lights you up?

This is where integration comes in.

If you weave the healing and lessons from the plants through your entire being - your physical body, your thoughts, your emotions, your perspective on life, your interactions with others, and your choices and actions - THIS is where the plant medicine magic truly comes to life. In your EVERYDAY life.

How do you do that? It goes way beyond sharing your altered state experiences with your therapist! And it goes as deep as you want to go...

If you take your experiences, and put them into action, embody them, and make them real - your life will be forever changed.

I’ve put together a free Plant Medicine Integration Guide so that you have a starting point for integrating your experiences back into your life. Integration is an art and a practice, and you will ultimately discover your unique way!

In this guide, you will learn:

🌿 What plant medicine integration is

🌿 How plant medicines initiate deep work, and how you can continue the deep work in your life

🌿 The balancing act in practicing the Yoga of Awareness

🌿 How to cultivate relationships with the plants through plant spirit communication

🌿 Integration practices that support bringing the experiences back into your whole mind-body-spirit

🌿 Journal prompts for extracting meaning and teachings from your plant medicine experiences in all dimensions of your life

🌿 And how to carry the medicine out into the world!

The truth is, without integration of these experiences, you can lose the potential transformation of deep, long-lasting change. The experiences can slip back into your unconscious, and you can slip back into the comfort of your old life - your old behaviors, patterns, challenges, and dissatisfaction.

Plant medicines are here to help you & guide you, but only as far as you are ready to continue the journey in your everyday life.

May this free guide offer you a starting place to understanding the true depth and transformational power of plant medicines!

Much love,



Jaime Lehner is a Guide for Consciousness Transformation, Intuitive and Shamanic Energy Healer. Jaime has been a student of Amazonian plant medicines for 13 years, including more than 3 years living in the Peruvian Amazon where she has undergone traditional dietas with 20+ Master Teacher Plants. Jaime bridges ancient ways of communicating with the Earth into our modern lives. She works deeply with clients, teaching them skills to connect with spirit, become their own empowered healer & develop their own unique navigation system to working in altered states. Her purpose is connecting us to the wisdom of the Earth so we become her devoted students & guardians. She offers private mentorship, healing, group work, and Master Plant Dietas in Peru and in the comfort of your own home. Learn more here:

Plant Medicine IntegRation Guide

Embodying Ceremonies, Dietas and Micro-dosing in Everyday Life

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