The spirit of bobinsana

Welcoming Her Medicine Into Your Life

Are you Curious about working with this beautiful amazonian master plant teacher?

Bobinsana is a plant with gorgeous pink flowers that is calling many people in places far from her Amazonian homeland, where she grows along the banks of the rivers.

People from all over the world have traveled to the Amazon to meet her in a traditional shamanic dieta, or they’ve welcomed her in their own lands in a dieta at home, micro-dosing or as a simple tea.

Do you want to learn why?

Join me for a free 60-minute class, where I will share about the incredible feminine spirit of bobinsana. I will talk about how to welcome her heart medicine into your life, so that you can learn & heal from her magic.

In this class, you will:

Meet the spirit of bobinsana in a guided meditation.

And learn about:

༄ How she can guide you to release stuck subconscious emotions, heartbreak, old wounds & traumas.

༄ Why she is well-revered as a heart-opener, an antidepressant & a lucid dream activator.

༄ How she teaches us to have both boundaries, and compassion & empathy in our interpersonal relationships.

༄ How her medicine supports your nervous system & your mindset and drops you into deeper communion & meditation.

༄ Why she is used in traditional shamanic ceremonies & dietas.

༄ The difference of working with her in a shamanic dieta vs. micro-dosing vs. tea / supplement.

༄ Why food / lifestyle restrictions are essential to working with her spirit.

I'll also share about our upcoming opportunity to connect with her:

🌺 Awakening: Soft Dieta with Bobinsana

Look forward to sharing her magic with you!

With love,



Jaime Lehner is a Guide for Consciousness Transformation, Intuitive and Shamanic Energy Healer. Jaime has been a student of Amazonian plant medicines for 13 years, including more than 3 years living in the Peruvian Amazon where she has undergone traditional dietas with 20+ plants. Jaime bridges ancient ways of communicating with the Earth into our modern lives. She works deeply with clients, teaching them skills to connect with spirit, become their own empowered healer & develop their own unique navigation system to working in altered states. Her purpose is connecting us to the wisdom of the Earth so we become her devoted students & guardians. She offers private mentorship, healing, group work, and Master Plant Dietas in Peru. Learn more here:

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